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Apparel & Footwear

WadersLooking for that perfect piece of camo? Look no further! Hesperia Sport Shop offers all the leading brands of hunting and fishing apparel including our great selection of LaCrosse and Scent-Lok. "A whitetail deer can smell human odor a quarter mile away with the right wind, and can smell human odor on brush or weeds a hunter passes through for several hours after he has passed by. Scent-Lok products have the capacity to adsorb human odor for approximately 40 hours of field use. Once the garments have reached that time, they are 'desorbed' in the dryer. Once the temperature reaches 150 degrees for 30-40 minutes, the capacity has been restored to adsorb odors again."

Vests & Waders

BootsDon't neglect your feet! A good pair of boots can mean all the difference in the field. Hesperia Sport Shop carries hiking boots, boots for snow, waterproof boots, and all the accessories necessary to keep your feet in great shape.